Roofing technology has vastly improved in the past decade, resulting in many options to roof replacement, restoration and repair. Selecting the most cost effective solution is critical to reducing your life cycle costs and benefiting from the savings available in today’s roof systems. Our expertise is our ability to evaluate your current roof system, and specify the most cost effective solution to meet your objectives.

Energy UV Reflective Coating

The Energy Star program was developed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), to signify and promote the production and marketing of energy compliant products and services. Complete Roofing and Waterproofing is proud to use an Energy Star Cool Roof UV reflective coating that can reduce energy consumption and cooling costs up to 20 percent. We use a bright, highly reflective material that lowers roof temperatures and extends the roofing system lifespan. Let us help you reduce energy bills costs, and help you stay cool in the summer months!

Roof Managed Care Programs

Our maintenance plan programs are specifically designed to meet the short and long-term goals of our commercial and industrial customers. We offer 24-hour emergency services, semi-annual roof maintenance, documented maintenance and inspection reports and planned restoration programs.

With planned restoration programs, we are able to help you have a fixed budget to perform all of the services that may be required on your roof system. Most companies do their best at staying under budget, and we are ready to assist you in achieving this goal by developing a program that enables you to restore your roof over a set amount of time or years, at a fixed price.

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